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Richard Mark Dobson Neonopolis In this series Dobson revisits his former home, Hong Kong, with the observation on the big city life and changing political landscape of the place. He witnesses people dashing through pouring rain along wet, congested Wan Chai streets and pavements shimmered with iridescent hues, flashing through his mind the cinematic fantasies that he believes things seem to have come full circle.


In this series I revisit my former home, Hong Kong. As I witness people dashing through pouring rain along wet, congested Wan Chai streets, of pavements shimmering with iridescent hues, cinematic fantasies flash through my mind.

Things seem to have come full circle. Twenty years after the handover from British to Chinese rule, 20 years after I left, the city once again enraptures me. Just as the notorious Walled City of Kowloon inspired the bleak, neon-soaked, perpetually dank and rain-soaked dystopia of Blade Runner, so does its sequel now cede to the alternate reality of Neonopolis; a realm strangely futuristic all the while rooted in the present.

Taking the basic principle of street photography ie. capture reality as it happens, my images are paired here with the original writing of Jason Gagliardi, so as to warp that reality into a quasi fictional narrative akin to a science fiction film. Through a glass darkly, I hold up a mirror to the twisted skeins of stories being played out on the seething streets. Welcome to Neonopolis.

OnEdgeStreet-Neonopolis. On the Edge of Dystopia

We are living in a new world. We adapt or we detach, or perhaps choose to sit around and complain. In some sense we are the chosen ones. We’ve been handed more gifts than any life form preceding us, it’s quite astonishing. We know more about the world and ourselves in it, exponentially. Some of us get richer daily, some of us fatter and others left behind drink from the gutter. But what is happening collectively? Have our egos led us to scamper like rats down a sewer pipe with no common goals left as a people? Post religion, post national, are we losing our collective vision of ourselves?

Asia Times-Neonopolis

Neonopolis.  a photographers vision of tomorrow's Hong Kong

Zolima City Magazine 2018.

Electric Dreams: Richard Mark Dobson’s Neo-Noir Narrative of Hong Kong
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