I am a British born fine art and commercial photographer.  I grew up in South Africa, learned my craft in London, and began my career in Hong Kong.  Today I focus wholly on creating compelling personal imagery with a distinct ‘vibe’ for gallery exhibitions, my online portal and commissioned work for the best clients and art directors out there.  My mantra is ‘the narrative is the vibe, the vibe is the narrative’.  Let me explain.
I’m a visual artist with one goal only. That is to create personal images, and commissioned work that is imbued with feeling, vibration, atmosphere, sensation, energy; in other words, VIBE.  My inspiration comes from fiction, fact, existential philosophy, great cinema, great literature, great people, and ultimately great art. My work swings like a pendulum between darkness and despair, light and hope. When you look at my work I want you to feel something, not just see something! I want you to feel the VIBE'!

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