Part 1
It was called Cadaver Point! On more than one occasion, a dismembered body had been found there. Bits scattered across the muddy allotment facing Kwun Tong Sai Wan.
Those who inhabited the concrete drabness of nearby Yau Tong estate, had regularly seen the police arrive with torches to probe the derelict precinct. Patrol cars with iridescent blue lights pulsing into the yellow shadows. Constant yet intermittent flashes that illuminated hunched figures with harried faces that walked shoulder to shoulder across the mud, looking for body parts.
The question the press and investigators kept asking; who was responsible for these grisly murders? Forensics were unable to determine to whom the bits and pieces belonged. It was all a big mystery!

Part 2.
At the opposite end of Kwun Tong Sai Wan, around the bay towards Kowloon facing the eastern harbour tunnel, and not far from cadaver point, there was what could only be described as a block. It was almost a perfect square. An austere cube like structure, all glass and little square portals down the north and south sides, solid rough grey concrete walls on the east and west end
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