1963 Born. Bradford, England

1975 – 1985  Johannesburg South Africa
1985 – 1989  London
1990 – 1997  Hong Kong
1997 – 1999  Johannesburg South Africa
2000 –           New York
2001 – 2003  Cape Town South Africa
2004 -            Paris
2005-2008     Cape Town
2008-2017     Saigon Vietnam
2018-2022     Penang Malaysia

Richard Mark Dobson was born in Bradford West Yorkshire in 1963. He immigrated to South Africa in 1975 and completed graphic design at the Johannesburg College of Art.

In 1983, Dobson moved to London where his interest in photography began. Assisting one of London’s most acclaimed advertising location photographers, it was during this time that he developed his photographic craft, technique and above all, oeuvre.  Location photography with a cinematic style.

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