A recent visit to a cashew oil factory, in Long Binh, HCM, Vietnam, the place was WOW! Scenes out of the Industrial Revolution.

All I had was 45 minutes at site. An old iPhone 6 with dodgy lens. No gimbal. Or pro mic. I shot regardless. This was an opportunity I could not miss.

As a motion student I took this as a chance to delve into Premier Pro. I've spent 5 days non-stop, grinding through all the basics of PP. Yup a steep learning curve; trying to get my head around;

- Understanding LUT's & colour grading
-Sound Design (99% of all sounds I've dubbed in)
-Motion Graphics
-Special effects

What you see here is far from perfect. But I think it's a good start. As a student of motion, so continues my journey into the magical world of film making!

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