Here is where I showcase my passion plays. Street photography, art, experimental work. The best of my photo-journalism. Commissioned work. This is where I ruminate on career highlights and low-points.  Share my methodologies. Videos. My best photographs! Those I call my signature images. It's where I come to write, reflect on my career, muse upon life past, present and future. Rekindle amazing memories.  Scheme future plans and projects.  It's where I point all my social media followers. This is also where I invest my time and interest in the lives of others.  Through compelling interviews presented via a dedicated Youtube channel.
Most of all it's here where I tie all my work together. Present the reasons I did what I did.  And continue to do what I do.  You see, I've come to realize that my entire life has always been about, 'The Great Escape'. Jumping fences. Shunning the trappings for a life of creativity & adventure.  Hence I chose photography. Or rather photography chose me. 

I present my personal work through 3 portals. 

THE ESCAPE ARTIST I'm becoming fascinated with the strangeness of coincidence and pondering the notion of changing reality by thinking about it differently. For as I experiment it seems to me I can 'persuade' the street to offer up scenes or scenarios that snap into the loosely constructed figments of vision, concepts or themes that float around in my head.  I witness the street align itself with my fanciful imaginings and I become increasingly fascinated to see how I can coax from the tapestry of the street what I need to complete my vision simply by willing things to happen!

ESCAPE ROUTES - Escape Routes, as a concept, can be understood through the lens of Jungian psychology. It represents the individual's search for self-actualization and the quest for meaning in life. Picking up a camera as a means of escape is a manifestation of the archetype of the Explorer, the eternal seeker of new frontiers and experiences. My decision to shun the conventional 9-5 grind and to never have a regular salary can be understood as a rebellion against societal expectations and a desire for autonomy and freedom.

OUR FREEDOM CHARTER - Embarking on 'Our Freedom Charter' project, I aim to weave a visual and narrative tapestry capturing the essence of freedom as told through the diverse stories of individuals. Through the lens of portraits and the depth of video interviews, this endeavor seeks to explore the personal landscapes where freedom resonates, unfolding a collective narrative that transcends boundaries and embraces the rich tapestry of human experience.
Ultimately It is my wish to sell limited edtion prints and books via  PRINT COLLECTIONS

I hope what you see here inspires you to reach out to me and share your stories and interests.

Richard Mark Dobson
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